So my first question is - What are the big ideas? One of the big ideas is that when they made skyline drive. It took a lot of peoples homes away including there neighbors!!! Another big idea is when grampa standed up to the goverment and said NO! Another question is - How does it connect to what we already know? It connects because we know that Emenent Domain is a very

bad law and the book showed us how even worse it was! I mean taking away peoples homes searously! When you let the rangers live in the national park and don't let the people who they forced live on it! Man thats just plain mean and rude! The third question is - What do they find challenging? What they found challenging was that they couldn't say no to give up their land. the goverment just came and took their land without being nice! The last question is How has your actions and attiude changed reading this book? At first I thought that our Gov. was the best ever through future and past. But now I'm not so shore! Because if somebody took your home how would you feel?! When somebody takes you home and you can't say no, it does not feel good! Thats what I think. And thanks for reading.