1. My first book recommendation is The Hobbit! It's one of my favorite books because it's got a lot of action and adventure! It also has a lot of mystical creatures like dwarves and elves but the most dangerous one of all! THE DRAGON!!!!! It's about a hobbit named Bilbo that goes on an adventure with his wizard friend Gandalf! So if you get a chance read it!

2. For my next book recommendation I will put in the B.F.G. Witch stands for big friendly giant. It's about a little girl who meets a big friendly giant!

3. I have another one that I have liked for many years and it is called Calvin and Hobbes. It's the most funniest books I have ever read in my entair life! It's a bunch of little comic strips in one book full of them! It's sooooooo funny! Thanks for reading and check out these books thanks.

4.My next book is Cricket in Times Square! It is about a Cricket in Times Square as you can tell. The cricket finds himself in Times Spuare and on the way meets a couple of friends.

5.Percy Jackson is my next book. It is about a boy named Percy Jackson and he finds out that he is a half blood god. Which means you are half a god, And finds friends along the way and even gets cool powers! It's a series of books too!

6. Check out my next book the hardy boys! It's about two brothers who try to solve mystery's It is a very good series!

7. One of my other books is The Invention Hugo Cabret. It is about a boy named Hugo who is trying to get his book back after it being stolen!

8.For my next book I will tell you about is a book that I read in my class. It is called Grandpa's Mountain. It shows how our Goverment can be pretty mean. Because they could just come up and take you house and land with you not even saying no!

9.For my two last books I will do is I love that dog and the dangerous book for boys. I love that dog is about a boy who at first doesn't wright a poem about his pet for his teacher but then gets inspired to write a poem about something I won't tell you. You will just have to read it your self!

10. And the last book I will tell you about is the dangerous book for boys. It is a book were it is sort of for boys, and it tells you how to make all sorts of cool inventions! And if you want to visit a website click on the little green arrow by the picture or than in the print. Thanks!!!!!

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