My class and I are going to the Down to the Down Town Mall to play boom whackers to earn money to try to end homeless. I'm so glad I have my friends to stand by me and help me with this. Also Ms.White

too make this possible! The homeless have been through so much from losing their homes to losing all their belongings! When over last summer taking a trip too California, I saw 1 to 5 people in the first 10 minutes digging through the trash looking for stuff to eat. I mean, wouldn't that make you sad?

So get involved in something you feel is wrong and change it! Stand up for what's right and together we can make a difference! If one person sees what your doing others will follow! The homeless have lost their family's and belongings. And what have our goverment done? A few fond raisers and donations. That's good but not enough! In the declaration of independence it says ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL!!! AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PERSUT OF HAPPINESS! All of us have not followed that saying for years. And my class and I want to change it. For the sake of our goal...