She has really changed my life. She is the gifted recourse teacher in our school and teaches the coolest ways ever!!!

MsWhite read us a true story that one of her old kindergartenstudents got in a terribal accident and could not come to school for about 6 to 8 months! And thatwash very shocking that a little girl could come back from the accident from losing her grandma and mother shortly after. It was very moving to hear that and Ms. White is the one who gave me my wiki to share with you and she has helped me with things like hard math problems to talking to her about my own things I want to do. When we don't understand the way she is teaching she

gives us plenty more options. We were talking about dreams and we were all talking about ourselves and then someone asks Ms.White have you done your dream? Ms.White said yes, she had. That made me feel real good. I love Ms.White for what she does and how she influences me. She does soooooo mUch for me and that's why I like Ms.White!